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Birthdate:Mar 9
well, first and foremost, i guess i am a Homestuck. that is a big thing that no one would be able to miss. i have a probably mildly unhealthy fanfic addiction, and before that i was a total bookworm, but now i read hardly anything off of paper. I am a practicing Wiccan, and i believe in The Multiverse. [that being that anything that could happen did/will, just not necessarily here, and every decision you(anyone) make(s) branches a new timeline.(even though time isn't, in fact, a line at all.(its more of a big ball of wibbly, wobbly, timey, wimey stuff))] idk, thats about it without going unnecessarily deep into my personality and stuff, idk, im nice for the most part. i can be an ass but i try to be polite to people i just met, and i typically won't be an ass unless someone is an ass to me first.
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